Thank you for your assistance in providing the information requested by the appraiser.

OnSight™ is an online service, when it starts, you will be asked to enter your Order Number and your Last Name. You'll need this information to get started. If you did not receive an email, the appraiser can provide this information for you.

Read the Notes below before you start.

When you are ready to begin, go to this link from your smart phone:

A complete walkthrough video of the app and the information gathering process is available here.

  1.   If using an Apple device you will be asked to download the VACAM app. If using an Android device, click on the link to begin.
  2.   You will be asked to allow access to your camera, location and photos. (Access to photos is restricted to photos while using VACAM app).
  3.   When the app opens, a test photo is requested to verify the camera access and location is turned on. If they are not, you will receive messaging to do so.
  4.   Take photos as prompted on the page and/or answer any required questions. Once photos and question(s) are complete for that page, click CONTINUE to move on to the next photo/question. If you need to go back, use the BACK button.
  5.   At the conclusion of the report, you will come to the THANK YOU page where you will click FINISH to submit the report.

If you encounter any problems or have any questions, a member of our support team will be happy to assist you. Please call (800)-622-8727 for assistance or email us at

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