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Discover all the efficiency and productivity that's possible when the appraisal software you're using is simple and intuitive. Easy to use doesn't mean that ClickFORMS lacks the features you want and need. Sophisticated features are built right into ClickFORMS. Try all the time-saving features of ClickFORMS and get free technical support for 30 days — no hassle, no risk, no obligation! An AppraisalWorld account is included in your free ClickFORMS evaluation.

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When ClickFORMS has a new release, your software will prompt you to update automatically. However, some will choose to update ClickFORMS at a later time. If updating ClickFORMS manually, simply click the "Help" tab from the main menu, then select "Check For Updates".

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Sign In to your AppraisalWorld account. Click on "ClickFORMS Desktop" from the "My Desktop Software" section.

ClickFORMS Student Edition

ClickFORMS Student Edition — $49.00
Designed for Real Estate students to learn about the appraisal process and how to fill out standard appraisal forms. ClickFORMS is the industry's most intuitive and easy-to-use appraisal software so that you can complete your valuation assignment without the frustration of having to learn new software. While ClickFORMS is easy to use, professional appraisers use it everyday to complete a variety of appraisal reports.

Sign up with AppraisalWold to order:
1.  Go to and register as a student.
2.  Go to the store and purchase ClickForms for Students.
3.  Access to ClickFORMS Online Student edition is available in My Office in AppraisalWorld.

ClickFORMS Mobile Inspection App

We spent a lot of time evaluating the field appraisal process. We watched appraisers tap, tap, tap and tap again for some basic functions and knew there was a better way. By gathering only needed information in a streamlined and organized fashion, the new and innovative Inspect–a–Lot app from Bradford Technologies concentrates on field inspection data capture which allows you to complete your work faster and easier.

Download on the AppStore

Search "Inspect a Lot" from your iPad's App Store.

Sketching software for ClickFORMS

ClickFORMS is optimized to work with the industry's leading sketching programs, seamlessly integrated so that data and images populate ClickFORMS reports.

Apex Sketch for ClickFORMS

We know sketching... Apex Software has been the industry leader in floor plan sketching for over 30 years and we continue to deliver ground breaking technology built to match your workflow. Whether you’re new or an existing client, our intuitive designs are developed with you in mind. With each of our sketching products, we strive to minimize the learning curve by maintaining familiar interfaces and functions to smooth your transition or create a positive first-time experience.

To Purchase, call 1-800-622-8727 x301


AreaSketch for ClickFORMS

Designed specifically for field professionals required to draw an accurate sketch and calculate area square footage and perimeter values, AreaSketch stands alone when compared to existing sketch solutions. FreeForm Technology™ allows users to draw any sketch. As data is being gathered, new areas can be created on the fly without having to finish the first area. Switch drawing directions with Bi-Directional Drawing, placing a label, or other types of annotation is completely FreeForm.

To Purchase, call 1-800-622-8727 x301